Digitalisation is transforming the way we work.

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technological developments are increasingly impacting the construction and real estate sectors.  

Digital Insights provides consultancy, project and technical support services to enable organisations to identify opportunities, develop best practices and to realise value in and around BIM and digital ways of working.


Digital Insights is a young and innovative company, dedicated to supporting organisation within the planning, construction and real estate sectors to implement digital processes and technologies. Our core competency lies in the area of Building Information Modelling, BIM, with its associated methodologies and technologies. Through our management and partner network we draw on diverse and extensive experience in BIM project delivery, as well as in leading standardisation and research and development work. Our approach is pragmatic and value-driven, with the interests of our clients foremost in mind.


Strategic guidance

Implementation begins with defining a clear vision and setting strategic goals for digital transformation. We support organisations in identifying areas of potential growth and revealing new opportunities that can be developed through digital technologies. Our strategic implementation team focusses on business processes, technology challenges and opportunities, as well as company culture and change management.

Project support

Transforming to digital ways of working is both a top-down and a bottom-up process. We support owner organisations in defining project goals and setting information delivery requirements. Managing the BIM delivery process and auditing project models for quality control. We also support design and construction teams in implementing technologies, establishing digital workflows and delivering on their milestones. Lessons learnt from pilot projects can be documented in the form of company guidelines and operating procedures, to support future project teams.

Training and consulting

Digital Insights offers standardised training from entry-level to BIM Project Management. Our education program is drawn from years of project experience. We provide practical guidance reflective of international best practice and the most current international standards (such as ISO 19650-1 & -2). Additionally we provide custom training and consulting in diverse areas of digitalisation and project delivery.